Thursday’s Great Reads Issue #6 – 29/11/16

I am VERY excited this week... 

If you know how obsessed I am with gut health, gut microbiome and investigating how bacteria can affect our mental health - you'll know how excited I get about good articles... and this one is no exception. What I like about it is that it's written in a really easy-to-read way, with links to the relevant research so you can understand the jist of it without getting bogged down on the sciencey bits!

So here's this week's first article:

This is Your Brain on Bugs: How Gut Bacteria Affect Mental Health

By Mark Sisson

The second article I'm sharing with you today I have actually written about myself quite recently, but this blog explains it in a lot more of a geeky way... It's a topic I think you'll be very interested in...


The Role of Carbohydrates in Female Fat Loss

by Polly Thng

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