Thursday's Good Reads Issue #2 - 25/08/16 - Walk The Talk Fitness

Thursday’s Good Reads Issue #2 – 25/08/16

Last week's articles went down really well so I'm hoping that this week's will be the same! Take a look below and leave a comment to let me know what you think! 

"When the scale sucks: 7 better ways to know if your nutrition plan is working "(Alex McMahon NTP) - click here to go to the article

This article explains why your bathroom scales might not be giving you a true reflection of your progress. It shares a lot of the same values that I have, and that I teach to my one-to-one clients. So have a read and then think about how you can apply some of what you've learned to your own fat loss journey...

"How to Eat if you have PCOS" (Dr Brooke Kalanick) - click here to go to the article

I have had a lot of clients with PCOS, and I know quite a few women in my online communities have been diagnosed with PCOS so I found this article very useful. There's so much conflicting information out there and sometimes it's difficult to know what and who to trust. 


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Make sure you look out for next week's good reads!

Rachael xx​

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