Would you like to know how 100's of busy women just like you are shrinking their waists in just 21 days? 

If so, I invite you to join me in January to transform your body, just like 110 women have successfully done in 2016. Gain head turning results & making all your friends a teeny bit jealous in the process!
  • What if 2017 could be the year you finally break the yo-yo diet misery that's been holding you back for years, and never visit a slimming club ever again?
  • What if you could do this without giving up your favourite foods and feeling like a guilt-ridden social recluse because of your 'diet plan'?
  • What if you could get your confidence back, lose your belly, back boobs & wobbly bits so you're no longer terrified to undress in front of your partner? (or bare you body on the beach!)

Charis talks about the 21 Day Transformation...

Hi, I'm Rachael, the creator of this 21 Day Transformation Program, I'll be your coach for the next 21 days & I can't wait to get you started!

This program is for you if:

  • You feel tired, sluggish, frumpy and exhausted with dieting 
    You want to start 2017 afresh and don't want to keep going back to the same diet club that has already failed you year after year. 
  • You're looking for a permanent change
    You're not just looking for another quick fix, which results in piling all the weight back on come February. You're looking for a long lasting result that will have you feeling the best you've ever felt in your life
  • You've tried EVERYTHING 
    Yet you're still in the same position you were this time last year, hell - maybe even this time 5 years ago! 
  • You're fed up feeling past your best, and your fed up rushing to de-tag yourself from unattractive Facebook photos, whilst everyone else seems to look amazing & really happy.
  • You're sick of looking after everyone else and not looking after you. You feel like you're always the bottom of the priority pile and you've no idea how you'll ever find the time to invest in yourself for a change. 

You've probably been asked this dozens (if not hundreds) of times, by friends, workmates and maybe even your other half (eek!)...and even though they're probably asking it with the best of intentions​, it can still land like a frayed whip. And when you're already skating on thin ice, you're unsure how many more hits you can take before you inevitably fall back off the wagon again.

What's the question they're asking you...?


If you're anything like me, you want to tell them to mind their own bloody business, whilst you wait patiently until everyone's in bed so you can reach for your secret stash of chocolate and crisps. (If nobody sees you, it didn't happen - right!?)

I understand how you feel.

Frustrated at yourself for never being able to stick to anything, losing a few pounds and then gaining them all back again - and more. You're not alone.

That's why I've designed a 21 day transformation program that will literally turn your life around. No longer will you want to devour sugary junk food at night time, turn to food when you're upset or feel guilty about whatever you put in your mouth.

It's time to feel good about yourself again.

So here's what you get when you join:

  • A full, flexible meal planner with week-by-week shopping list 
  • Simple and effective home workouts to complete 3 times a week that are short and will fit into your busy day (designed for total beginners)
  • Full day-by-day e-mail and video training series that you can follow from anywhere in the world (no need for a scary gym)
  • Access to a private, closed group so you can access me as your coach at any time & interact with other women who are doing the program
  • Access to volumes 1-3 of the Cut the Crap - No Bullsh** Cookery recipe series so you'll never run out of yummy food ideas.
  • Guidance on controlling & ultimately stopping emotional eating urges that normally hold you back from succeeding with your weight loss.

Ready to Sign Up?

WARNING: Due to overwhelming interest in this program, I need to limit the number of people in each group, so to guarantee your place for the January intake - don't delay in clicking the link below to join. We start Thursday 5th January

Normal Price: £97.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


When is it going to be your turn at getting those head turning results?

Look, I know you're probably thinking this looks too good to be true. Just another diet plan. Just another personal trainer trying to sell you something when you're at your weakest point...

But I promise you, when you see just how simple this program really is, and how long lasting the results actually are, you'll soon be able to stick your middle finger up to all the people who've ever doubted you - and show them that this time, you're actually going to do what you say you're going to do.

But don't just take my word for it...

Here's what program graduates are saying...

"Now I am serene and confident and ready to continue using her techniques until I reach my goals. I no longer crave sweets, cakes and chocolate obsessively. This program has taught me what I needed to know back in 2004 when I sought to maintain my weight loss. I am confident that I will get slim and healthy again, and stay there. Thank you Rachael Watson. Your personal approach is a winner!" - Joanne

"I feel like I've been deflated, but in a good way! I'm so much less bloated and I am really impressed with the results that I saw after just 1 week. It was pretty remarkable how quickly I saw changes through sticking to the eating plan. My skin is much clearer and my hair & nails are in much better condition. I just feel so much more WELL!" - Sarah

"Before I joined the 21 day programme with Rachael, I felt shit. I hated the way I looked, I hated that my clothes didn’t fit me... Now? I feel f***ing brilliant. I lost inches off my waist, the 5 months pregnant look has gone. My skin looks glowing, I have tons of energy, I have bags more confidenceI know that I can still enjoy food ( and boy do I enjoy food) without feeling guilty about it, I’ve stopped snacking on crap and I know how to fuel my body correctly before and after a workout." - Lyndsay

Are you ready TO JOIN the 100's of women before you...?


  1. Everything done via e-mail & Facebook straight from your phone, tablet or laptop. Don't worry, even complete technophobes find it a breeze.
  2. Over 100 foolproof recipes with no- nonsense ingredients you can pick up in Aldi or Tesco (or wherever you do your shop) 
  3. A supportive community that will empower you to make the noticeable changes you've been chasing for years.

What people are saying about the program...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I wore a bikini on holiday in August!”

“I wore a bikini on holiday in August after being motivated by many of the ladies in the group to be body confident! The first time I've ever owned one!

Susan McCallum
- Head of Compliance (& mum of Kaden)

“It's very encouraging for me to be in this group...”

“Knowing that I'm not alone. The girls in the group don't judge me as we're all doing the same thing. I love it, it's very encouraging for me to be in this group.”

Charis Crumblish
- All round awesome person
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Rachael Watson
Program Creator 

About Rachael...

I'm a woman on a mission, girls. I want this to be the last 'diet' program you ever have to do in your life. I want 2017 to be YOUR year, and I don't mean your year just for January, I mean REALLY your year. 

I promise I will deliver fun, interactive, honest and friendly coaching for you on a daily basis so you'll never feel alone. I'm looking forward to getting to know you! You'll wonder why you've waited this long to sign up!

You've waited long enough...

Look, you're probably going to get the "another diet" roll of the eyes from your partner, family or friends, but this is your chance to finally prove them wrong. 

You're the kind of person who won't settle, who demands the best and wants to succeed at whatever you put your mind to. I know that you care deeply about losing weight but you think you're too busy to make a real change. ​You're fed up looking after everybody else all the time and never looking after yourself. 

This is your chance to finally get the body and the results you've wanted for so long. Imagine this is the very last 'diet' plan you ever have to follow. Now take away the imagine bit. This is the last thing you'll ever have to do. 

You'll wonder why you've waited so long to start.

Normal Price: £97.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Joining the 21 day transformation is completely risk free! If you follow the program, check in with me every day & don't lose weight, drop inches from your body or feel a new sense of confidence? I'll send you a prompt refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I like to go out for dinner, will I still be able to socialise on this program?

I am SO unfit! Do I need to be fit to start this?

I'm veggie / vegan, will this program work for me?

How much weight will I lose?

How many inches will I lose? Will I drop a dress size?

P.S. I'm expecting this program to become oversubscribed VERY quickly, and as there are only 30 places available, I recommend you act now. Once this group is full, you will need to wait for the next group to start.

P.P.S. Once you click the link below, you will be re-directed to a PayPal payment screen. Once you have processed your payment, you will receive a welcome e-mail within 24 hours. Please make sure you check your junk / spam inbox as well. Any problems please e-mail: rachael@

Yes, I want to join right now!


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