Sian Transformation

Sian's Progress since April 2016

Sian's progress since April 2016. Photo on the right taken August 2016.

So after just 21 days of eating healthier, moving more and having the support and guidance from Rachael on her plan I can now tell you that I have lost 11.5 inches and 9lbs!! So incredibly proud and happy. Long way still to go but am confident I'll get there with setting small attainable goals and the guidance of Rachael! Thank you (again lol) so much for everything Rachael and the other amazing ladies who did the plan alongside me, much love for you all.


As I've mentioned before, I suffer quite badly with hormonal acne and have done ever since I was 19. It started during my first pregnancy and I've suffered ever since. I've tried countless antibiotics, topical creams and gels, 2 different contraceptive pills (one of which actually me ill) and have also tried many products from different beauty companies. I've accepted it will always be an issue around my month cycle, in fact it starts every 2wks. However, I have recently found that dairy is a trigger for it. My skin isn't clear but it is massively improved lately. Sorry if this is a case of TMI but my monthly had just started, first one since finishing the 21 day plan and I am in shock, I usually have a ridiculous amount of painful cramping and feel sick from it, I usually have no energy and don't want to leave the house and I usually want to fill my face with any sugary rubbish I can get my hands on! Not this month... I have been out, I have eaten healthily (have upped my carbs a little this week though), I have NO cramping at all and even though I am a little tired it's nothing compared to what it was. I know this sounds corny as shit but I literally do feel like a new woman!

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"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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