Join the selfish cow club…

I am forever running my car down to empty on fuel…
I’m a nightmare for it.
You know when you get in your car to drive to work
and then you suddenly remember the petrol thingy beeped the night before?
And then I think
Ahhh, I’m only nipping down the road
it’ll be FIIIIIINE.
I’ll go for petrol on the way back.
that’s me. Every week or two.
Running on pure fumes,
skidding into the petrol station whilst my car takes her last gasp….
I’m always telling other people
to keep their petrol above 1/4 tanks – but I never
take my own advice…
it’s something that many women tell me in their initial consultations with me,
that they feel like their bodies are
“running on fumes”
Empty, exhausted – right from the moment they wake up in
the morning.
You know why I think this is?
Write this bit down….
>>>>> ‘Coz we’re always waking up and putting petrol in
OTHER PEOPLE’s cars, instead of our own. <<<<<
Instead of putting fuel in your own car first,
you’re filling other people’s cars.
Instead of prioritising yourself
you’re always prioritising everybody else FIRST.
I mean,
the most you probably do for yourself in the morning
is pour a JUG of coffee and have a moan,
we’re taught from a very early age that being selfish is bad.
when we go on an airplane we’re taught
to fit our own oxygen masks first.
There’s a reason for that.
How are you supposed to be there for everybody around you
if you don’t prioritise YOU?
You can’t help the poor by becoming poor yourself. 
I’ll be honest with you,
my priority is me. First and foremost. My health, my wellbeing, my mental health, ME.
‘coz if I’m not on top form, my stinking attitude ends up
causing other people to feel sh*tty too. I become a drain.
If you think that’s selfish, well then you’d be a
terrible fit for my coaching (because it’s one of the first things I teach).
I’ll have you consider that
if you want expand your capacity to help others,
then you must help yourself FIRST.
I mean,
you talk about it often enough…
You always SAY you’re going to fill in my coaching application form so that you can finally do something about the way you’re feeling –
yet you STILL haven’t done it
for fear of being selfish.
My question to you is this,
are you going to live the rest of your life feeling like this?
Talking about what you’re ‘going to do’?
Don’t tell me.
Show me.
Rachael ‘self centred’ Watson

About the Author

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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