My FAMOUS Protein Pancakes

It isn’t a secret that my protein pancakes are THE BEST protein pancakes in the world.

Therefore, I’m not going to keep the recipe a secret from you,

especially on Pancake Day.

Here’s what you are going to need: (this is per person)

1 medium sized banana

1 medium egg

1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder (it needs to be good quality – 95% isolate or above, and no shitty sugar and suchlike)

1 teaspoon of coconut oil (extra virgin, decent stuff)

…and here’s what you do with it:

Mash the banana with a fork in a bowl or jug, add the egg and beat them together. Then add the vanilla protein and beat it all together into a batter. *top tip* – make sure the mixture doesn’t go too dry, if it does, it means you’ve put too much protein powder – so add a little milk if this is the case. Nobody like dry pancakes. BOKE.

Fry the batter in coconut oil in a large frying pan until golden on both sides (if you don’t know how to cook pancakes yet, I can’t help you).

Some nice additions for the top of your pancake stack include my faves which are:

A tablespoon of Coyo (coconut milk yoghurt)

A big handful or two of chopped strawberries

A drizzle of honey.

Some crushed pecan nuts.

But you can add whatever you like. This is an awesome meal that you can even have for dinner.


Here are the macros for the pancakes:

Protein: 27g

Carbohydrates: 28.8g

Fat: 7.2g

Calories per serving (pancakes alone): 284


Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of them.

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"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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