Now that you’ve landed on this page, I’m hoping you already know quite a bit about me. I’m Rachael, I help busy mums who have gradually gained weight over the past few years to finally take hold of their health and weight loss journey.

My face to face and online coaching programs are for women who want to lose weight, buy smaller clothes again and feel confident and happy. These programs are specifically designed around the lives of busy mums who often don’t even have the time for a cup of tea in peace and quiet. I know what it’s like to never get a minute – but I guarantee these programs will fit in with the mayhem.

Whether you just want to lose half a stone to fit into a dress that’s got a little bit too tight, or if you have years of damage to undo – I am confident that you will find a program here which suits your needs. You can be rest assured that I will support you 100% until you are happy with where you are.

The Mumtervention

Need a serious kick up the ass? Ever thought… if only I could have a PT move in with me and slap the chocolate out of my hand!

Well, now you can! The Mumtervention Project is for busy mums who are serious about changing their lives but have no idea where to start. This is a weekend of intensive education & coaching in your own home with a six month follow up coaching program.

You choose your weekend, I will be at your house with you – giving you a weekend of intense education on nutrition, mindset and exercise so that you never need to guess if you’re doing the right thing ever again. This is follow up by a six month coaching program to solidify your results so that you’ll never look back.

Includes everything from the “Six Months to Super Mum” program plus a weekend of intensive in person coaching.


Six Months to Super Mum

This program is a full lifestyle transformation. Transforming you from stressed, tired and feeling ashamed of your body…to confidence, lean, sexy and energetic again in just six months.

Designed for working mums who are time poor and want to get their body confidence back without spending hours slaving away at the cooker, or exercising all day every day.

This program works with you at your own pace to educate you on small, manageable changing that you can make to your already busy routine that will have you losing weight, toning up and feeling confident in your own skin again. With fully customized meal plans that won’t take up too much of your time and home workouts that will take you no longer than 20 minutes a day – this is perfect for you if time is never on your side!

Accountability and motivation will come from your own private group of women who are on the same journey as you – as well as your own personal coach (me!) on hand at all times to answer questions, or just for a general kick up the ass when you need it most.


The Busy Mum Blueprint

This 12 week program is designed for busy working mums who want to lose up to 3 dress sizes by eating MORE and exercising LESS – whilst getting their body confidence back.

This is no ‘quick fix’ but you will definitely see some rapid, long lasting results!

This program is designed to educate you and empower you to make the necessary small changes that are needed to see huge changes in your body – and fast! You will be fully supported and held accountable by me through your journey.

You can expect to receive a fully customized meal plan if you choose, as well as short home workouts that will not take up too much of your time. You can also expect to be taught how to make up your own meal plans, so that this can be a life long change for you AND your family.


21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

This program is a great entry level group coaching program for busy mums who want fast, hard hitting, long lasting weight loss results.

You will follow a 21 day meal plan & program as a group with other, like minded women on the same mission as you.

You can expect to finish this program at least 1 dress size smaller, and with the education and tools to carry on long after your 21 days are over.


I only work with mums who are truly ready to invest in themselves, as this is how you will get the best results from your coaching.

With this in mind – I would ask that you fill out an application form for the program you would like to join.

I will be in touch with you very soon to have a quick chat with you and talk about coaching programs that are most suitable for your needs.

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