I want to work with women who want to take responsibility for their health and weight and are ready to do what it takes to finally get the body they’ve always dreamed of having.

I am very passionate about helping women to break free of the diet trap after years of yo-yoing from one starvation diet to the next. I am also very selective about who I work with, because I need to make sure I’m working with women who are a good fit for both ME and my coaching packages.

That being said…

You are NOT a good fit for coaching if:

  • You are still looking for the perfect ‘diet class’ to join, even though diets have never worked for you – you still believe the right diet is out there, you just haven’t quite found it yet
  • You are looking for a ‘quick fix’ or an ‘overnight transformation’ (you won’t find that here)
  • You are looking for someone to hold your hand 24/7 and spoon feed you results
  • You are not willing to create some time in your day to spend on yourself & your learning process.
  • You are happy to lose weight rapidly but end up putting it all back on again

You might be a really good fit for coaching if:

  • You want to lose weight and keep it off for good in a safe, sustainable way
  • You are ready to take responsibility and take action towards a more confident, healthy body
  • You want to learn how to lose weight & gain body confidence without giving up the foods and drinks that you enjoy
  • You feel ready to put the work in to transform your lifeIf you are accepted onto one of my coaching programs you can look forward to:
  • Finally escaping the restraints of yo-yo dieting for good• Enjoying a body confidence boost that you never thought would be possible
  • Going into your favorite clothes shops again and actually enjoy the experience of trying clothes on again (instead of avoiding it completely)
  • Stopping avoiding social occasions with your friends because you have nothing to wear (or are too embarrassed to go). It’s time to find your social flame again, girl!
  • Feeling confident with being naked in front of your partner again (not to mention having more sex!)
  • Having tonnes more energy so that you can play with the kids again without being out of breath after 30 seconds
  • Eating real, delicious food again instead of dried powdered shakes and cardboard (and STILL losing weight!)
  • Being part of a revolution of women who are all on the same mission as you (you’ll never feel alone)

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