How to Identify a Diet Scam

You might think you know your glycemic index from your amino acids – but can you identify when you’re being faced with a diet scam? We are currently faced with a plethora of weight loss solutions being shoved in our faces at every opportunity – in magazines, newspapers, on television and probably the worst of […]

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What has Rachael been up to? #6weeksofsilence

HELLO IT’S ME! I know, you’ve probably got fed up of waiting on a new episode and unsubscribed by now… but if you’re still here – thank you! I had to take some time out from recording podcasts for a number of reasons which I explain in this episode, but I really appreciate that you’ve stuck […]

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Fight the Aussie Flu

Been hit by the Aussie Flu? It’s that time of year – flu and cold viruses are rife! What can you do to boost your immunity to these little bugs naturally? Or probably more appropriate – is there a natural way to relieve the symptoms if you’ve already been struck? The most important thing that you […]

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You are NOT addicted to sugar – here’s why (and what to do about it).

Are you really addicted to sugar? “Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and opiates” You have probably heard this many, many times before. The media loves an attention-grabbing headline specifically aimed at making you question your health. There may have been times where you’re midway through a packet of chocolate digestives thinking to yourself ‘I’m […]

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Tomato Soup Recipe

This tomato soup recipe will warm you up from the inside out this winter! It’s absolutely freezing out there, the days are short and we’re not getting very much sunlight at this time of year. There are lots of bugs and viruses around right now so it’s really important that you’re looking after yourself, and providing […]

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