I understand that you want to lose weight. You want to know how to look good naked. You want to know the secret to waking up every morning and feeling AWESOME? You value your health and that of your kids/husband/partner and you know something has got to change – but right now, you’re not quite sure what that is!

But I ALSO understand that you are a busy ass woman who has neither the time nor inclination to spend hours researching what to eat, how to eat, what to buy from the supermarket, what exercise to do and how to fit ALL of this into your full schedule… Am I right ?

To start, we guarantee that you’ve probably done ALL of the slimming clubs and the vast majority of the ‘diets’ out there… and you’re STILL overweight, squeezing into your ‘fat’ clothes, exhausted, eating crap and feeling like crap. Perhaps you start a new diet every Monday morning and then by 2 o’clock it’s been abandoned in favour of a couple of crumpets or a latte and a cake? It’s an endless cycle and you feel like a failure…and then there are your friends, family and colleagues following a slimming club or running for hours a week. We bet you know of some woman who only eats every other Tuesday or the girl at the gym who swears by the latest slimming pill/shake/starvation diet that SEEMS to work but you actually like real food!?!? How on earth are you supposed to know who to trust? It can be really hard to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s true and what’s complete and utter bulls***!

I know life is bloody hard sometimes and it seems that often there aren’t enough hours in the day to do the things required for you and your family, let alone lose a few (or many) pounds but honestly, I’m here to help you. My coaching programs (both group and one to one), are designed around the crazy lifestyle of the mum, the employee, the chef, the taxi driver, the doctor, the nurse, the psychologist & the people pleaser – ie. YOU!!!


I think if you asked one of my friends to describe me – they’d come out with something like ‘foul mouthed, crazy, slightly insane Scottish nutcase’ but I like to refer to myself more like:

“Foul mouthed, crazy, slightly insane Scottish nutritionist & weight loss coach”

Sounds better, doesn’t it?

I spent a fair few years of my early twenties battling with a medical condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For years, all I was interested in was where the nearest bathroom was – until anxiety meant that I could barely leave the house.

I tried various different diets given to me by my GP, which only made my symptoms worse, and I’ve been on every pill, capsule and potion under the sun to no avail! I was slightly overweight, unwell and quite frankly, miserable.

I won’t bore you with 13 years of details, but if you happen to bump into me nowadays, you’ll see that the anxious, grey-looking, sleepy 20-something year old is now a comfortable Size 10, happy, energetic 33 year old with very little IBS symptoms left – thanks to meeting some amazing coaches who helped me through the dark times.

I am by no means perfect. I will always have goals that I want to achieve, but I’m so grateful for the journey that led me to where I am now. Coaching amazing women like you to change their attitude & transform the health & bodies of not only themselves but their families too.

I believe that weight loss and health gain should be an enjoyable process, and never a hard grind. It should consist of a non-restrictive & educational process that should slot into everyday life.

I’m passionate about helping women who have spent YEARS putting themselves at the bottom of the ‘Priority Pile’ because they believe losing weight is ‘too difficult’. I have worked with literally hundreds of women, just like you, who once thought their goals were out of reach – so never even bothered trying to achieve them.

You can achieve them. You just need to know HOW.

I understand that you're confused by the plethora of diets out there, all promising you the answer to your weight loss nightmare. Who are you supposed to believe?

I know that you’ve been dieting on and off for years only to find yourself feeling worse than you did before you even started your first one!

I'd put money on the fact that you are FED UP being priority number 362 all the time instead of looking after yourself, but you’re totally clueless on how to fix this.

That’s where I come in.
I’ve been there. I’ve been that woman who constantly puts others ahead of herself all the time. I’ve been unhealthy and exhausted all the time with flab hanging over my jeans (that I’ve had to lie down to even get buttoned up). I know how it feels to constantly wear baggy tops to hide the embarrassing bulges. I’ve been there.


I’ve also worked with hundreds of women who, just like you, didn’t know where to turn next.

I’ll let you into a cool little secret now…

You don’t need to look anywhere else. You’ve found the answer and it’s right in front of you.

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Success Stories

I have loads more energy and can feel a difference in my clothes already! I haven’t felt deprived or hungry & I don’t miss the crap I was putting into my body. I have enjoyed cooking again and I can even see a huge difference in my kids!

Tracy Dalton 
Week 2 of 21 Day SuperMum Transformation Program

Just wanted to share! I am one happy lady today! Seeing the results makes me more determind to keep going. Back in my jeans!!!

Aileen Divers 
Week 4 of 12 Week Coaching Program

2 weeks in – feeing good! Really feeling more in control and like I’m making good choices. I want to work out! I don’t miss crisps or wine (have the odd glass). I’m noticing a difference in certain items of clothing – RESULT!!

Evelyn Smith 
Week 2 of 21 Day SuperMum Transformation Program

Rachael…Would just like to let you know that today, for the first time in about 7 years… I’m wearing a Size 14 rather than a 16. You officially ROCK!!

12 Week One to One Coaching Client

Start your 7 day transformation today for just £7.00” (for a limited time only!)

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