3 Myths about Clean Eating that you NEED to know!

The term 'clean eating' is still being thrown around quite a lot in the weight loss and diet world - hell, I even succumbed the the 'clean eating' lifestyle a few years back myself. I even coached other people into believing that eating clean was the be all and end all of health.  

Not true.

Having experienced rapid weight gain myself through 'eating clean' - I wanted to clear up a few myths surrounding the subject for you - so that if you're considering a clean eating approach, you know what you're getting yourself into...

Myth #1 - Calories DON'T count when you're eating clean

​Someone once told me that I didn't need to count calories if I was eating clean - I would lose weight simply by cutting out all processed foods and sugar from my diet and living off lean meats, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 

Not true.

See, girls... whether you eat 200 calories of lean meat and vegetables or 200 calories of chocolate, at the end of the day you are consuming 200 calories. It just so happens that the lean meat and veg will look a lot more on your plate, nourish your body better and keep you fuller for longer than the chocolate will. But they're still both 200 calories. ​

Sorry to be the one to drop this bombshell but CALORIES DO COUNT. And... if your goal is weight loss, you will at some point need to COUNT CALORIES. It's true. Anybody who tells you that you can lose weight simply by cutting out processed and hyper-palatable foods & sugar - is lying. Yes, you may lose weight - but this is because you are in a calorie deficit, not because you have cut out certain foods. I can assure you that it is perfectly possible to gain weight whilst eating a clean diet. I've done it.​

Myth #2 - Gluten & Dairy should be avoided at all costs

Nope. Not true. Unless you are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (an autoimmune condition which causes a severe reaction to gluten), or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity then you do not need to cut gluten out of your diet. Yes, it may be worthwhile considering where your gluten comes from (it should come from a nutrient dense source like wholemeal flour for example) but you do not need to cut it out in order to lose weight. I know, shocking - eh? The same can be said for dairy. Yes, there are a lot of us out there who can't tolerate dairy (the lactose or the milk protein), which is fair enough seeing as our human bodies aren't really very well equipped to digest the milk from another animal - but it doesn't mean that you MUST cut it out. It's a great source of protein and micronutrients, so if you don't have an intolerance then you do not need to cut it from your diet. 

Again, you can trust me when I say it is entirely possible to GAIN weight, even if you are avoiding gluten and dairy. Moo. 


Holy crap. No. Just.... no! Carbs are NOT bad for you! You don't need to cut carbs to lose weight. You don't need to completely eliminate carbs. Carbs are life. You should eat carbs. In fact - I have a WHOLE other blog on why you should eat carbs - instead of me repeating myself, just click here and go read it, with a sandwich.


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About the Author

"All in or all out" Rachael is a vibrant, no-bullshit-talking Scottish nutrition geek and coach helping women to lose weight without giving up their confidence OR their favourite foods.

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