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Thursday’s Great Reads #5 – 21/09/16

This week’s great reads is going to take a slightly different ‘twist’ in that… there’s a theme AND there’s a video this week. So I guess you could say that this week it’s a great read and a great watch… Both the blog and the video are focussed on a topic that I have been studying […]

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Thursday’s Good Reads Issue #3 – 01/09/16

This week I am covering two MASSIVE topics with my ‘good reads’.  Hormones and Body Image. ​”9 Proven Ways to Fix the Hormones that Control your Weight”Click here to read the article by Authority Nutrition “3 practical ways you can encourage a more positive body image”Click here to read the article by Fiona Thomas (Fiona likes to blog) 10 FREE RECIPES: […]

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