7 Day Kickstart - Walk The Talk Fitness

With this 7 day kick start program you will learn:

  • The easiest and more effect ways to set goals so that you are more clear on where exactly what it is your want to achieve
  • What types of food to eat & correct portion sizes if you want to get healthier and lose weight
  • What exercise you should be doing and how often

Are you sick & tired of starting a diet again every Monday morning...?

Here at Cut the Crap UK, I know how difficult it is in this day and age to see through all the bulls*** out there so that you can make an informed decision on how you are going to start losing weight.

With that in mind, I have designed a very compact, simple and easy to understand 7 day course that you can take from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. That's it. 

It answers the big question - where do I even start? Breaking this down into small, manageable chunks so that you never feel overwhelmed or scared that you can't complete it. 

What will you actually learn about?

Here's exactly what you'll get...

7 quick and easy to complete modules, all done via your laptop, computer or mobile device... and a pen & paper might be handy too so that you can make some notes.
  • 7 day by day modules covering everything from nutrition to exercise
  • Video and e-mail training where you can learn at your own pace
  • A bunch of healthy recipes to download and use
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets to go through
  • A free Facebook community to share your thoughts and ask questions

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