Graduate Program

So you've completed your 21 Day Transformation program!

Congratulations on completing the first 21 days of the rest of your life. By now you're feeling empowered, energetic, motivated and excited, and it doesn't stop there! You're probably feeling a bit lost and sad that the program has come to an end...but fear not, as you now have somewhere to go!

  • Continued education, motivation and accountability from Rachael
  • Monthly online trainings on topics chosen by you as well as full access to all previous month's recordings
  • Brand new monthly recipe packs so you'll never get bored with food
  • Monthly home workouts to download designed for all fitness levels, with video library training (so you're never confused about how to do the exercises).
  • Access to the Graduate only private Facebook group so you can continue to be surrounded by like-minded women who know where you're at
  • Priority and discounted access to all future programs, books and events 

Membership is for 3 months at £67.00 per month or £197.00 in full. Please do not join if you cannot commit to 3 months. By clicking JOIN NOW, you are entering into a contract. 

Here's what you will learn...

Month 1

Module 1: Challenge Your Self-Talk & Change your Mindset around food

Module 2: Macronutrients - what are they? Protein, carbohydrates and fat explained in details

Module 3: Micronutrients - what are they and why are they important?

Module 4: Eating Out & Socialising. How to tackle nights out and social events when fat loss is your goal. Includes menus of popular restaurants and a 'how to choose' guide. 

Month 2

Module 5: Managing your Budget & Your Time (and what this has to do with fat loss) 

Module 6: The Impact of Sleep & Stress on your Health & Weight Loss Goals

Module 7: How to Build a Healthy Gut (and why it's so important). IBS sufferers - this one is for you!

Module 8: Do Calories really matter? Find out this week. Also includes education on hormones, thyroid & the menopause.

Month 3

Module 9: Simple strategies for overcoming emotional eating.

Module 10: Creating a Healthy Environment (Home & Relationships) and why this is vital to your success. 

Module 11 - Identifying Scams & BS Marketing. Is Gluten Free really healthy?

Module 12: Are you Living According to your Core Values? This is a wrap up week. 


Bonus Module 1: Interview with Jeanette Hyde - Author of 'The Gut Makeover' 

Bonus Module 2: Interview with Tanya Grant & Claire Wakefield of 'Wise & Gorgeous' on SABOTAGE. Friends, family, workmates and self sabotage. How to navigate and overcome this. ​

Membership is for 3 months at £67.00 per month (the content alone is worth 10 times that, not to mention your access to Rachael in your private group)

NB: Please do not join if you cannot fully commit to 3 months of coaching​

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