Watch the video below to see what this 'done for you' 21 day program is all about and if it will be suitable for you.

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  • Full 21 Day Meal Planner with week-by-week shopping lists
  • Simple and effective home workouts to complete 3 times per week that are short and will fit into your busy day
  • Full day by day e-mail and video training series you can do from anywhere in the world (no need for a scary gym)
  • Access to my private VIP Facebook group so you can access me whenever you need to ask questions (this is ONLY for those signing up to this program)

I found the programme really easy to follow, meals are all planned out, so there's no guess work. I really enjoyed the food and never felt hungry - sometimes I felt my biggest challenge was fitting in the snacks, especially at work. I loved knowing exactly what I was going to eat each day, and getting it all organised the day before meant I never reached for anything off plan. I found it scary to make the first step, but after that, it couldn't have been easier.

Madeleine Craig
21 Day Graduate

Rachael has been inspirational in changing how I think about food. I would never have chosen the salad option before when out for lunch or dinner but not anymore! She is a great teacher and will definitely be back in touch to continue my journey.

Ann-Marie Treacy
21 Day Graduate

So what exactly will I learn?

3 Days of Preparation - including receiving your program & time to prepare

Module 1: Goal Setting training so that you can commit to what you intend to achieve

Module 2: How to Set Clear and Measurable Goals for smart success

Module 3: How to look in the mirror and LIKE what you see again (mindset training)

Module 4: My simple 3 step process for improving your sleep (and why it's so important!)

Module 5: "Challenge Your Mindset" - Raw motivation to help you carry on succeeding

Module 6: The Power of Gratitude - become annoyingly positive using this one simple tool

​Module 7: The impact of stress on your weight loss - how to reduce stress in every day life

Module 8 - Preparing you to succeed when the program is finished. Long term success.​


"HELP - I EAT IN SECRET (and hide the wrappers)"

Live bonus training - how to identify emotional eating and nip it in the bud for good. 


"Interview with Little Miss Consistency"

20 minute training video on how to stay consistent even when you feel like giving up

The best thing I learned was not to feel guilty about food. If I ate something that perhaps wasn't as healthy as I should have been eating then I've learnt that it's ok and not to get hung up about it. I know that I can quickly forget about it and move on.

Jo Devlin 
21 Day Graduate

Rachael Watson absolutely inspirational there aren't enough good adjectives in the dictionary to describe her from her personality to her knowledge on health and fitness 3 week drop a dress size is brilliant I lost weight and inches but more importantly regained the feel good factor that I lost a long time ago it's amazing what can be achieved in such a short space of time with Rachael at the helm encouraging motivating and generally ensuring you have a positive experience. 

Maureen Guthrie
21 Day Graduate

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