Introducing the new '1:1 Core' coaching program.

I've been looking at ways I can help people stay on track after graduating from Transform21 and completing the graduate education program. However, as there is only one of me and I have now hit the point where my VIP intensive 1:1 coaching is consistently fully booked, I had to come up with a solution in order to be able to offer more support to those who want it. 

I have come up with a 'core' 1:1 coaching program that offers you access to me via the new app and coaching software program where you can also access home or gym workouts and be held accountable for completing these. The app will also assist you in tracking your progress measurements and stats, logging your nutrition and give you the opportunity to contact me​ when you need assistance. 

Here is a comparison of the new 1:1 Core program to my 1:1 VIP Programs:​

1:1 VIP Program (£197/month)

Full consultation and personalised screening 

Bespoke PDF Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Weekly Skype accountability calls

Weekly accountability check-ins with e-mail action feedback

Progress tracking on Walk the Talk Fitness Apple/Android app

Access to custom meal planning recipe system with ability to program own macros 

Ad hoc support via Whatsapp during business hours

Customised fitness program (gym or home) 

Facebook support group 

Monthly updated recipe packs

Lifetime access to Cut the Crap e-books (new releases included)

1:1 Core Program (£97/month)

​Consultation form 

Progress tracking on Walk the Talk Fitness Apple / Android app

Customised fitness program (gym or home)

Weekly personal check-ins via Walk the Talk Fitness App Messenger ​

Track your measurements and progress photos within the app to keep you motivated

Full integration with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal for activity and nutrition accountability

In order to ensure that 1:1 Core offers the best solution for those who need some extra support but cannot access VIP, I am looking for a further 5 T21 graduates who can commit to 3 months 1:1 Core program and offer ongoing feedback, in return for a hugely discounted investment of just £47.00/month.

To take advantage of this opportunity which is available until Monday 29th May - please click here:


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