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Do you feel stuck in the what diet should I do next yo-yo trap?

Are you fed up hating your body but have no idea how to fix it?

Busy, exhausted, overweight & confused?

Sick of avoiding social events because nothing fits & you’re too embarrassed to go out?

Got a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes that you can’t fit into 3
Feeling insecure and don’t know where to start?

I know how you feel. You’ve tried EVERYTHING. You've starved yourself, eaten food that tastes like crap, you’ve spent a FORTUNE, watched other women succeed (which makes you feel worse).

You’ve trusted people and been let down. Convinced yourself you’ve just not found the right ‘diet’ for you yet.

You’ve even bought a sports bra!!! You’ve been made to feel less of a woman, a person, or even a good mum because you’re gaining weight.

You don’t have to give up your favourite foods or glasses of wine!

Both my personal training and online coaching programs have been 8 years in the making. I understand that you’re fed up being confused and frustrated by all the conflicting weight loss advice out there. I want to help you cut through all of this and find a solution that really works.

Having worked with hundreds of women, I understand that time is of the essence and finding the time for ridiculous food prep & hours of slaving in the gym is, quite frankly, impossible (and laughable!)

Therefore my coaching programs are designed to give you all the tools you need to make sustainable, realistic, long-term changes to your body shape and weight whilst still having time to work, play with your kids and spend time with your family. They are designed to fit in with family life and allow you to become a much happier, healthier woman both on the inside and out.

Oh, and you won’t have to give up your favourite foods OR glasses of wine.

Listen to women just like you talk about their success...

Weight watchers, slimming world, diet pills, hundreds of exercise I’ve done em all to try n lose weight and they worked.
Temporarily then I gained what I lost and extra because I hadn’t actually learned about nutrition.

Bottom line is I ate sugar laden crap all the time and drank like a fish …

Not just booze but diet fizzy drinks up to 6 times a day.

Then one day I was getting ready for a night out ….. Nothing fitted, I felt terrible, bloated and hated pics of myself n thought it’s time to change.

Along comes Rachael and her words of wisdom …….nutrition is key you cant exercise away a bad diet.

Boom it’s all changed it was tough at first but I’m a changed woman ….and a substantially skinnier woman !

I’ve more energy, I sleep better , my skin is better and to quote a work colleague “you’re unrecognizable” That’s good enough for me and I don’t go hungry 🙂


I have had my nutritional consult with Rachael so far and was extremely impressed! Not only did she know what she was talking about, but she was friendly and welcoming. Her passion is obvious and this motivates you to want to make positive changes. After making her recommended alterations to my diet, I have begun to feel better in myself and actually started to enjoy eating healthily! I am excited to see what my future sessions will hold. I would recommend Rachael to anyone no matter what your goals may be.


I have just recently started with Walk the Talk Fitness, but can already feel a difference from the inside and see a difference on the outside. Rachael looked at my nutrition before starting any sort of fitness plan with me Walk the Talk Fitness is not just about personal training, it is about changing your life. I have changed the way I think about and eat food and my whole family are benefitting from this. Rachael’s recipes are really easy and quick to follow and as a busy mum of three young girls, simplicity and time are crucial.

Rachael’s PT Sessions are well thought out beforehand and specifically tailored for my needs and her classes are good fun and infectious too. I’m not really a gym person and having tried to go it alone several times before with faddy diets and half-hearted gym sessions, I’ve given up way too easily. Rachael really motivates me through every step and helps me to focus on the end goal. I know I’ll be the fittest I’ve ever been and as an added bonus, will be bikini ready for my holidays for the first time in years!


So that I can build a program that is personalised to you, all of my full online coaching programs feature:

A full discovery session via Skype where I can get to know you, so that I can develop a program that is personal to you.

A fully personalized week by week program with weekly follow-up accountability calls so that you understand what you need to do AND are held accountable for doing it

A personalized education on food choices, as well as the option of a customized meal plan so that you will never need to guess if what you’re eating is in line with your goals.

24/7 email and text support so that no question is left unanswered. You can get full clarification and the help you need, when you need it.

Access to my client only membership site with downloadable content such as hundreds of recipes, educational videos & group support from other clients. This means you’ll never get bored or feel alone in your coaching.

Full accountability and motivation from a highly experienced and qualified nutrition & weight loss expert so that you’ll never feel confused, lost or alone, ever again.

If you want a taste of the results you can expect from coaching – Start your 7 day transformation course today & see for yourself.